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March 19, 2018 “How to Talk About Abortion,” The Stone, NYTimes 

January 13, 2017 “We need a contract for co-parenting, not just for marriage,” Aeon  [reader comments and responses at: ]

September 20, 2016 “Should Prostitution Be Legal? The World Weekly

September 1, 2016   “Should Prostitution Be Legal?” WalletHub:

February 6, 2016: Union of Minority Neighborhoods in Boston, REAL TALK Episode 1: HIV, Incarceration and African-American Communities (National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day)

January 4, 2016: Interview on the Sean Moncrieff Show about my 12/12/15 NYTimes op-ed

December 29, 2015: Interview on the Jim Engster Show to discuss the impact of mass incarceration on the hiv/AIDS crisis in African American communities

December 12, 2015: NYTimes op-ed “Why Are So Many Black Women Dying of AIDS?”:

August 13, 2015: The Kojo Nnamdi Show (NPR), Approaching Prostitution Laws Through the Lens of Privacy

August 10, 2015: The Stone, NYTimes, “When Prostitution Is Nobody’s Business”

July 19, 2015: The Philosopher’s Zone, ABC, “Marriage: is it all the same?”

June 24, 2015: FIU News, “What the Rachel Dolezal case can teach us about race, identity”

June 15, 2015: Daily Nous, “Philosophers on Rachel Dolezal”

June 12, 2015: BBC Newsnight on racial and gender “passing”

June 1, 2014: The Stone, NYTimes, “Sex Crimes that Shouldn’t Be”

November 8, 2013: Interview with National Post on Forced Fatherhood

[Follow up interview on Canadian radio: (Nov. 11, 2013 40.00 mins. into recording); (Nov. 12, 2013 hour 2)]

August 18, 2013: WPBT Viewpoint, “Gay Priests and the Vatican”

July 3, 2013: Letter, Chronicle of Higher Education, “McGinn Case Doesn’t Turn on Free Inquiry or Free Speech”

June 14, 2013: Interview with Broward New Times on Forced Fatherhood

June 12, 2013: The Stone, NYTimes, “Is Forced Fatherhood Fair?”

(Five Best Columns, the Atlantic Wire)

May 17-September 29, 2013: Wolfsonian Museum Exhibit, “Women in Motion: Fitness, Sport, and the Female Figure”

November 4, 2012: The Stone, NYTimes, “The End of ‘Marriage'”

January 26-April 24, 2011, Frost Museum Exhibit, “Women in Motion: Fitness, Sport, and the Female Figure”

April 16, 2009: Interview with NYTimes about FIU’s hiring of Isiah Thomas

October 10, 2008: Public Reason blog “Does the Government Need to Know Your Sex?”

June 10, 2008: Sound bite from interview with NYTimes about tv show “Secret Diary of a Call Girl”

Contributor at Philosophy blog Pea Soup

April 30, 2007: OUP blog: “Banning ‘Gruesome and Inhumane’ Abortions”

April 15, 1999: LA Times, “Here’s an Idea: Throw Money at CSU”